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Playing with Possibilities

on September 22, 2014

It started as a thought, posted on Facebook. Friends joined the alliteration fun. Play along by commenting.

Creation. by ex0tique Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Landscapes & Scenery©2013-2014 ex0tique

Playing with possibilities. (Deanna)

Marveling with magic! (Natalia)

Skipping through sensations. (Natalia)

Daring with dignity! (Deanna)

Dreaming with delight. (Natalia)

Manifesting with might. (Natalia)

Living from Love. (Carrie)

Lolling in luxury. (Natalia)

Appreciating with awareness. (Carrie)

Dancing with desire. (Carrie)

Playing with prosperity. (Carrie)

Proceeding with passion! (Deanna)

Basking in brilliance. (Natalia)

2 responses to “Playing with Possibilities

  1. Oceanbreeze says:

    Frolicking with freedom.


  2. rheari says:

    Whispering whimsies 🙂


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