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Slavic Creation Myths

Slavic Creation Myth

The oldest Slavic traditions say that in the beginning there was nothing. Rod created the world egg, in which rested Svarog, the divine creator. Under the influence of life forces, the egg cracked open and create a light that shone Svarog and its shadow,Crnobog. Vodan, god of the sea and the water came from the glare of Svarogos old-sea.

From the top of the egg shell sprang the world tree, an ash, which connects the heavens and the earths.

Prav, Jav and Nav: The Three Worlds and the Slavic Soul
from Modern Rodnovery

In the beginning was Nav, the formless abyss. Inside Nav was a golden “cosmic” egg where the god Rod and his female consort (or aspect) Rozhanitsa gestated. Rod refers to “people”, “sex”, “lineage” and a host of other Slavic root words pertaining to the origins of life. With great effort, Rod broke through the cosmic egg and light cascaded across the universe like bright buttermilk. Eventually that milk congealed into butter and things began to take from, giving us Mother Earth and the rest of the planets, stars and galaxies. The sun was pulled from his face, the moon from his chest, the stars from his eyes, dawn and dusk from his brows, the dark night from his thoughts, the wind from his breath, the rain from his tears, and the thunder and lightening from his voice until he finally dissipated into the vast expanse of all existence. In this way Rod had imbued a part of himself in all creation.

With Rod dispersed amid all creation, Svarog and diva emerge, first among the gods. Back then the Earth was a vast island floating under water, with a dark starlit sky. Svarog set out to forge the world and bring it light but could not do so without fuel to burn. Why he wanted to do this, we don’t know, but to do it he had to retrieve Mat Zemlja from the depths of the ocean. This may speak to various flood myths or to a time in the planet’s infancy when all land was submerged in water before the sun and moon’s gravitation settled the climate. Read more at Modern Rodnovery site

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