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Editing and Critique Services

I have to admit I was nervous having Natalia critique my first book, since I know how GOOD she is, both with writing and with editing. I was intensely afraid to be called out on any glaring and embarrassing mistakes, thinking it would shake my confidence. However, my experience with her was the EXACT opposite. More than anything she made me feel AMAZING about my writing. Her encouragement was like a warm hug from a favorite teacher. Any suggestions she made for changing were offered in the most positive manner ~ so positive that I WANTED to make the changes. Having her read my book and offer suggestions made my book SO much better AND made me more confident in the final edit. Bottom line: Natalia is AMAZING.
~ Kate Street, Author of What All Spirit Babies Want Their Mamas to Know

Finding Natalia was a godsend for me. In critiquing my novel, she has helped me cut away extraneous words and clutter to uncover the heart of my story. She saw my characters clearly and helped me remain consistent and true in portraying them when I veered off track. And she was gentle and succinct with her explanations. I highly recommend her critique services.
~ Shannon Anderson, Writer and Content Developer

Your edits were amazing, your questions and comments were so insightful. You might get a kick out of knowing that I’ve been hearing your edits in the way I speak, too. I’ve seriously never had a better reader.
 ~ Alison H., Creative Director and Writer

You have such a natural talent for not only developmental but copy edits as well. You encouraged my good parts and offered suggestions to improve my weaker storylines — you found areas to improve that my other editor completely missed!
~ Carrie C., Attorney and Author

Editing and Critique that Feels Good

I LOVE editing and critiquing. I enjoy spotting the parts that need tweaking AND marking the parts of manuscripts that delight me so you know what’s working. I’ve been told that I have a natural talent for both developmental and copy editing, and that my delivery is constructive and encouraging.

Working with Me

All of our exchanges will be conducted by email. You will send your manuscript as a Word document. As I read, I will make edits and comments using Track Changes. When I’ve finished reading, I will return it to you for your consideration. You, as the author and creator of the story, decide how to incorporate comments and suggestions.

To ensure we click before committing to a full manuscript package, I recommend one of the starter packages below.

Good Start Package

Editing and critique of the first 10,000 words (about 40 pages) of a manuscript. The charge is $150.

Good Start, Mini

Editing and critique of the first 2500 words (about 10 pages) of a manuscript. The charge is $50.

Compete Manuscripts

For editing of complete manuscripts, please email nataliaiwanyckyj at gmail.com for a quote.

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