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Portal Magic

on June 23, 2018

Window in the sky

makes me wonder:

What’s beyond?

Walking the same paths and sitting in the same spots rewards the soul. I love seeing new places, exploring and discovering things for the first time. But there is a richness, a sweetness, a deep satisfaction in revisiting, reflecting, reconnecting.

Do you have a magical place that feeds your soul? I’d love to hear about it.

2 responses to “Portal Magic

  1. Igorls17 says:

    In the Little Forest, next to where I live, there is a hill (about 4 stories high), I like to climb in and sit on an oak tree that grows horizontally and imagine how everything used to look before. I try and imagine if there was a Leshy there before, or any other guardians of the forests. I sometimes feel that maybe they are still there, watching me. I sometimes wonder if I could make it, to walk along the trunk, to the end of the tree,..is there a portal at the end? Maybe it takes me to the primeval forests of Poland…or maybe this is where some people escaped during all the wars. I recently often wonder, if you somehow get to the top of an ancient tree, can you be transported somewhere else…

    Thank you for your prompts 🙂

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