Weaving Gold

Mokosha, Anastasia Sophia, and Me, Natalia . . . while the books are written


Ancient Ukrainian world-creation carol about the spider as creator.
Ой як то було з початку світа,
Ой як не було святої землі,
Ой но на морі павутиноньки,
Ой там братоньки раду радять:
— Як би нам, брате, в глибокі води,
Тогди ми, брате, світ обснуємо,
Світ обснуємо і наситимо,
Світ наситимо і наповнимо.
The image emerges of weaver spider, who winds thread-rays, infusing them with diverse manifestations of life, saturating them with colors and sounds, filling them with spirit. In these types of carols, a golden sun stone is brought up from the bottom of the sea, and then the world materializes. We say: the world was created, the sun is the foundation of life.
According to ancient imaginings, the world was created at Christmas. At that time, the sun was born, and from the top of the world tree it began to weave its golden web. Examples of such beliefs echo in Ukraine’s “towers” and “spiders” — straw Christmas decorations.

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