Weaving Gold

Mokosha, Anastasia Sophia, and Me, Natalia . . . while the books are written

Meeting Talitha

on September 19, 2014

I lay on the floor of my living room in Wisconsin, a phone headset covering my ears. My friend Kelly was on the other end of the line, doing energy healing for me.

“What do you see?” she asked.

My eyes were closed, but I saw. I smelled. I heard. I was immersed in the a scene that was definitely not 2009 Wisconsin.

“A little girl. She looks about seven. She’s wearing a dirty, white tunic. There is dust in the air. It’s hard to breathe.”

“What is she doing?”

I see the girl on her knees, scraping at the dirt.

“She’s burying something. A doll.”

“Do you know her name?”

I strain to figure it out, to ask her.

“I think it’s Talitha,” I reply. But I start doubting myself immediately. Did my brain make up this name, Talitha, because it shares sounds and letters with my given name?

The healing session ends. I Google “Talitha” and the search engine produces few results, but Wikipedia does have a short entry.

Talitha is an uncommon feminine name meaning “little girl” in Aramaic, given in reference to the Biblical story in the Gospel of Mark in which Jesus Christ was said to have resurrected a dead child with the words “Talitha cumi” or “Talitha kum” or “Talitha koum,” meaning “Little girl, I say to you, arise!”

My world rocked. Kelly and I had been working on healing my Inner Child.

My writing practice was dormant for many months. I am delighted that the energy has shifted and I am called to write. Talitha and Anastasia Sophia have not been telling me their stories, but the urge to write returned and I am willing to play.

To stay inspired and stay on track, I signed up for Julie Tallard Johnson‘s On-line Class, In The Spirit of WritingI’ve worked with Julie in a year-long program before and highly recommend her excellent coaching.

Meet Talitha by clicking the Talitha button on the right.

Click for excerpts of Talitha’s story.

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