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Carpathian Mountains

Писаний Камінь (Pysanyj Kamin)

Сакральність скелі Писаний Камінь (The Sacredness of Pysanyj Kamin, the Written/Painted Rock)
by Іван ЗЕЛЕНЧУК, кандидат фізико-математичних наук, старший науковий співробітник Філії «Гуцульщина» ННДІУ

12802788_1681228812147312_7101651332568410342_nIn Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains, pre-Christian rock sanctuaries concealed within themselves secrets of the spiritual culture of the ancient population of the region.

170 years ago, Ivan Vahylevych studied runic inscriptions and solar signs on the stones. Marred by recent graffiti, mysterious hemispherical bowls (pits) and petroglyphs survive. Most researchers believe that the schematic images of human figures with arms raised above the head can be attributed to the VIII-IX centuries. Some scholars speculate that, Pysanyj Kamin was a place of pagan worship.

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