Weaving Gold

Mokosha, Anastasia Sophia, and Me, Natalia . . . while the books are written

Be Here Now — and GROW

I’m sitting on the dock of the lake, experiencing time. Enjoying the present. Feeling my world expand.

This timespace is a treasure. As is every time and space. But sometimes, it is hard to feel the gift of the moment. Perspective helps. Silence helps. Nature helps. So when possible, I give myself these gifts.

Whenever and wherever from you’re reading this, I hope you’ll share your treasure of the moment in the comments. Thank you for sharing this timespace with me.

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Dear Muse

Saraswati by Pieter Weltevrede

Saraswati by Pieter Weltevrede

How do I get you to stay
make my work-writing play?
You gave me a story
in all of its glory
then left me — ran far, far away.

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Inspiring Myself to Write

I want to want to write.
I fight to ignite my delight.

Pencil to paper.
Keys clacking away.
There is so much
I want to say.

I yearn to reveal
the story made whole.
No need to conceal
all that I don’t know.

No need to hide
all the ways that I fail,
sure — without cause —
that I shall prevail.

Characters waking,
their tales to tell.
An urging inside me
is starting to swell.

Delight is ignited.
I’m going to write it.

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