Weaving Gold

Mokosha, Anastasia Sophia, and Me, Natalia . . . while the books are written

Sun God

          beautiful, bright
               sunshiny day
          clashes with darkness
          invalidating, mocking
               bone-deep shivering
               quivering muscles, organs, cells
          intrudes through windows
          creeps inside
          infuses Light
               insisting, hope!
               commanding, change!
               embedding rainbow gold

~ Seek, to Find

~ Seek to Find Seeking to glean inspiring wisdom Upon the ancients we all must call Scribed in tablets, papyrus, conceptions Alchemy, the philosopher’s stone recall Seeking that which evades Humanities For lack of modern day misconceptions Thirst must be satiated in the present Though upon the past lie inspirations Someday therefore upon a precipice […]


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A Very Scary NaNoWeen

Lady with quillWhat if no one reads it?
What if no one cares?
Am I crazy, brave, deluded
to be one who dares?
  Dares to fail
   bleed, weep, flail.
  Dares to flounder
   grasp, go under.
  Dares to rip her soul asunder
    to write until The End.
But what if no one reads it?
What if no one cares?
Must be crazy, brave, deluded
to be one who dares.
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Always Searching for Something

8b626ae2605f2feb011dd6997b7d72d4Prompt 6: Step into the role of a hierophant.  What secret knowledge and mysteries of the Universe can you share? What can you teach?

October 8, 2014: I could tell you things. I’ve always been a reader. I love learning, researching, and exploring rabbit holes. I’ve written a book that weaves tales of lessons learned. But, I can teach you no-thing. I stand and shine. I reveal who I am. Learning, is your choice, and mine.

October 28, 2015: What I think I know (perpetually subject to modification, refinement, and total upheaval): we are all searching for truth and validation. Some search through science, research, and analysis. Some explore by painting, writing, dancing, singing, or otherwise creating. Some search with their bodies, pushing them to/beyond limits, or abusing them, or forcing change. Seeking seems universal, while finding is universally elusive.

P1010704My living
     is a Great Seeking

  Small queries
  Eternal mysteries
  Mundane questions

I desire
     answers to/for all

Whisper in my eyes, ears, dreams (please)
Project pictures into my heart, mind, soul (I beg you)
Make me -- if only for a moment -- whole

In the beginning is nature, in the end is nature, so why in the middle do you make so much fuss? Nothingness to nothingness is the whole journey.
~ Osho

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the glory of kings is to search out a matter.
~ Proverbs 25:2


So Ecstasy Can Find You

So Ecstasy Can Find YouSo Ecstasy Can Find You by Elizabeth Cunningham

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I adore everything Elizabeth Cunningham writes and loved this collection. The title and cover feel like a complete poem and meditation. Indeed, many of the poems are meditations, inspire contemplation, (gently) demand introspection. Elizabeth makes walks in nature, daily chores, and time with a dying friend beautiful. I particularly appreciate her reflections in Hazardous Heart which echo the poignant regrets that I feel in failing, even while (or as a result of) doing my best.

The book can be read and enjoyed quickly, easily, lightly. It can also be savored and relished, as the title poem encourages us to slow down, so ecstasy can find us.

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Playing with Possibilities

It started as a thought, posted on Facebook. Friends joined the alliteration fun. Play along by commenting.

Creation. by ex0tique Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Landscapes & Scenery©2013-2014 ex0tique

Playing with possibilities. (Deanna)

Marveling with magic! (Natalia)

Skipping through sensations. (Natalia)

Daring with dignity! (Deanna)

Dreaming with delight. (Natalia)

Manifesting with might. (Natalia)

Living from Love. (Carrie)

Lolling in luxury. (Natalia)

Appreciating with awareness. (Carrie)

Dancing with desire. (Carrie)

Playing with prosperity. (Carrie)

Proceeding with passion! (Deanna)

Basking in brilliance. (Natalia)


What calls to me…

Ocean calls me to his ever-changing, never-changing shores.
“Dive in! Float. Play.”

Mountain calls me to climb and meander.
“Get lost. Be found. Rest a while.”

Stream calls me to hear her song, and to listen to the murmurs of my soul.
“Are you ready, to hear your own voice? Are you willing, to speak?”

Cave calls me to plunge into deep, dank darkness.
Her words are for me, alone.

cave by Fealasy via DeviantArt Digital Art / Other / Landscapes & Scenery©2004-2014 Fealasy

My writing practice had been dormant, for many months. I am delighted that the energy has shifted and I am called to write. Talitha and Anastasia Sophia have not been telling me their stories, but the urge to write has returned and I am ready to play.

To stay inspired and stay on track, I signed up for Julie Tallard Johnson‘s On-line Class, In The Spirit of WritingI’ve worked with Julie in a year-long program before and highly recommend her excellent coaching.

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I shall shed
the labels that define me:

I shall slither out of the accolade-titles
that make me cringe:
   nice girl.
   hard worker.
   good mother.

I shall strip away the designations that were my armor
that made me proud:
   published author.
   homeschool teacher.

I shall obliterate 
the marks of my shame:
   business failure.

I will stand
Not caring who sees, 
     or who evokes their own version of me.
Not caring who hears
     or who translates me into the woman they prefer to hear.
Not caring who perceives me,
     and who sees herself.

I shall
   see My Self.
   hear My Self.
   acknowledge My Self.

I am revealed.
Nothing concealed.

I am.

That is enough.