Weaving Gold

Mokosha, Anastasia Sophia, and Me, Natalia . . . while the books are written

Writer’s Block, Loosened


The Magic Circle by John William Waterhouse, 1886 (public domain)


Open unmarked page.
Words creep on, splay.
Thoughts contract,
Stir the cauldron.
Create magical worlds.


Inspired by Jane Dougherty’s Poetry challenge #20: Hourglass poetry. Mine looks more like a chalice than an hourglass.


Between Heaven and Earth


Hollow whole
beckons: be ensconced.
Shelter self.
Touch dead life.
Connect heaven's stream of light
to dark, ancient roots.IMG_5641

Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #17: Shadorma, Theme: trees


Coronal Mass Emission

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this image of an X1.1 class flare in the early hours of Nov. 10, 2013. The image represents light with a wavelength of 131 Angstroms, which is typically colorized in teal. Image Credit: NASA/SDO

the sun flares
emitting radiation
across the electromagnetic spectrum

my heart quivers
unleashing cascades
spanning transgalactic lifetimes 

roiling through cells and gels
rattling the web that is me


Frosty Fashion

Ice Queen’s newest style
Frigid gusts scatter white crystals
Fresh dusting of snow

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #80 Style&Fresh


One Moment in Time

“Ask, and it is given.”
“Your wish is my command.”
I never quite believed it,
yet it is true: I Am.

Knowing blooms within me.
Heart swells. Head explodes.
Shattered. Eyes wide open.
Flash of bliss bestowed.

for my beautiful, amazing friend
Kate Street
Shine on, sister!

IMG_4488 (1).jpg


Time to See

54210051 (1)If only I knew the secret,
If only it could be told,
I'd know when to rest, be dormant.
I'd know when to burst forth, be bold.

If only my insight were crystal,
I'd slice off distortion, see clearly the truth,
Remember how this game is played.

The rule books are mistranslated.
Pages are missing, words marred.
The time is returning, fog clearing,
Re-livening that which was charred.

When I recall my knowing,
See with eyes that are closed,
Rainbows shall sing, quarks will sparkle.
All secrets shall be exposed.

~ Seek, to Find

~ Seek to Find Seeking to glean inspiring wisdom Upon the ancients we all must call Scribed in tablets, papyrus, conceptions Alchemy, the philosopher’s stone recall Seeking that which evades Humanities For lack of modern day misconceptions Thirst must be satiated in the present Though upon the past lie inspirations Someday therefore upon a precipice […]


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Ode to my Throat Chakra

th2_mp63Sapphire blue vibration,
Let your pulsing be key
Unlocking songs, poems, and stories
Dwelling inside of me.

Whirling sphere of blue ribbons,
May your movement let flow
Dances long stifled, voices repressed
Smothered secrets I know.

Flow, as words from my fingers.
Sing, express from my heart.
Radical truth, deep sweet magic,
Blue Quiver -- bring forth my art.

Inspired by the art of Mara Berendt Friedman and contemplation of the fifth chakra, center of creative expression.

Posts about the Throat Chakra, by others.

The Throat Chakra: The Center for Self Expression

Throat Chakra: Free Your Self-Expression

Yoga Poses to Open the Throat Chakra

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A Very Scary NaNoWeen

Lady with quillWhat if no one reads it?
What if no one cares?
Am I crazy, brave, deluded
to be one who dares?
  Dares to fail
   bleed, weep, flail.
  Dares to flounder
   grasp, go under.
  Dares to rip her soul asunder
    to write until The End.
But what if no one reads it?
What if no one cares?
Must be crazy, brave, deluded
to be one who dares.
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Creation Goddess Rising

a37d7bd1e696085cbc09e53c7b2cbae0Prompt 4: Write about how you already experience the gifts of The Empress in your life. How does she already nurture and provide?

October 6, 2014: My mind jabbers and attempts to restrain me, I know that it is safe to jump into whatever is next. I know it is (almost) time. I am frustrated with the waiting, but soon, I will be able to use my power to create an even bigger, even more beautiful life. 

October 26, 2015: A year ago, I wrote in response to the above prompt, but did not answer the question.

OSHO: the experience of creativity is an entry into the mysterious. Technique, expertise, and knowledge are just tools; the key is to abandon oneself to the energy that fuels the birth of all things.


03the Creative Force
that Is Me
formed nurtured birthed
three humans

my Creative Fire
cleared a path
destroyed obstacles
incinerated resistance

Creation Goddess
woke stirred rose
fused with me
poured through me
produced a book
paints herself onto pages
insists stories be told

My book is called Swan Mothers: Discovering Our True Selves by Parenting Uniquely Magnificent Children

Read about my works in progress: the Big One, a trilogy called The Weaving Gold Chronicles; what was supposed to be a quick, fun writing interlude, but is taking a while.

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