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Sun as Brain

A few weeks ago, my friend Charan Surdhar posted a link on Facebook to the Solar Revolution Book and Movie. The sun is a major theme in Coming Out of Hiding, so I immediately ordered the book.

The book arrived last week. I imagine the cover illustration is interesting to many people. To me . . . well, read the following, which I wrote in November 2012, seven months before I saw the book cover.

Brain-Sun 6-11-13

From afar, the Learning Center in the Sun glows golden. It resembles twisting coils, stacking and folding upon themselves like a big beautiful brain. The hum of its vibration penetrates each cell as one approaches. It smells of heat and manuscripts. It tastes of metal and meadows. It feels alive.

The Twilight Zone music has been cued, and I’m off to learn more about the story that is coming through me.

June 12, 2012 Edit: The sun synchronicities continue. This morning, I listened to a few minutes of an interview on Madness Radio with  Anusuya StarBear. She relayed an early-childhood experience of Being the Sun, and the title of Book 3 for the Weaving Gold Series emerged. It shall be Integration: Being the Sun. 

If you are interested in sun activity, check out my favorite i-Phone app: 3D Sun. Sponsored by NASA’s Heliophysics Division, the 3D Sun App displays animated extreme ultraviolet images of the sun in near-real time.

February 11, 2016 Edit: I was rereading this post and decided to share it on Twitter. The retweet at the top of my feed, was from @SecretSunBlog.

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