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Heart Prayer


‘Mary Magdalene in Penance’ Pedro de Mena, 1664

You can only pray what's in your heart

so if your heart is being ripped from your chest
pray the tearing

if your heart is full of bitterness
pray it to the last dreg

if your heart is a river gone wild
pray the torrent

or a lava flow scorching the mountain
pray the fire

pray the scream in your heart
the fanning bellows

pray the rage, the murder
and the mourning

pray your heart into the great quiet hands that can hold it
like the small bird it is.

~ Elizabeth Cunningham in Small Bird: poems & prayers, shared with permission

Elizabeth Cunningham is the author of my favorite series of books, The Maeve ChroniclesFour books. Stories of Love. Incredible characters. Narrated in the magnificent voice of one woman.