Weaving Gold

Mokosha, Anastasia Sophia, and Me, Natalia . . . while the books are written

Portal Magic

Window in the sky

makes me wonder:

What’s beyond?

Walking the same paths and sitting in the same spots rewards the soul. I love seeing new places, exploring and discovering things for the first time. But there is a richness, a sweetness, a deep satisfaction in revisiting, reflecting, reconnecting.

Do you have a magical place that feeds your soul? I’d love to hear about it.


Lights! Keyboard! Action!

Answering the Call to Adventure with Yes! is exhilarating and freeing. It is also scary. I remind myself: I’ve done this before. I experienced an A-ha! moment (I should write a book). I followed a trail of synchronicities and joined a writers’ circle. I wrote, hundreds of words per day, for nine months. I submitted query letters. I received rejections. I self-published. I became, I am, a published author.

There are books inside me, simmering, smoldering, waiting to be written. These will be fiction. Thus, they will tell greater truths and reveal more of me (to those with eyes to see) for when the real story is too wild to tell as fact, we conceal it, we reveal it, as fantasy.

I know I can tell The Stories, but am I brave enough to do so? Perhaps it is fear that has kept me stuck, for speaking the truth has been dangerous, deadly.

I must proceed without comparing this time to times past. I desire to fulfill my potential. Write! Write! Write! my heart commands. Use your gifts. Do what comes easily. Let it come. Let it be easy. And so I proceed.

Inspired by Lyn Thruman‘s October Writing Challenge: Writing the Wisdom of the Soul. I am expanding, evolving, shaking in my shoes, and preparing to write.

Prompt for October 10: “Sometimes, lady, you have to just take the reins and be the one in control.”

Write about a time when you set your sights on something and you took control/action to make sure you came out victorious. Celebrate your success.

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Passion for Adventure

I am worthy of…


…enjoying all of my signs of prosperity.

…enlightenment. Yes, the whole, big thing.

…experiencing love, joy, and excitement.


I wrote the above in response to a self-love exercise at Magic and Wisdom. Then, I proceeded to Writing the Wisdom of the Soul by drawing cards in a diamond spread, using the OSHO Zen Tarot. My intention: Help me understand and live my passions.

I know some of my passions:

  • an amazing life partner
  • children who delight me
  • writing
  • homeopathy
  • being kind
  • evolution
  • sovereignty
  • travel
  • joyful living

I wanted the cards to reveal My Passion. And so they did.

Elucidation! My Passion is Adventure.

  • If there is a food I’ve never seen on the menu or on the farmer’s stand, I taste it.
  • I travel and explore — everywhere!
  • I read amazing, mind-expnading books.
  • I engage in inspiring and exciting exchanges of ideas.
  • I hike great, remote trails.
  • I live with the Hutsuls for months.
  • I enter my family crypt in Lviv.
  • I tremble with joy and passion.
  • I feel freedom and joy in movement.
  • I float in bliss.
  • I connect with and understand the wisdom of the World.

I embrace Infinite Possibiliteis with the trusting spirit of a child: innocent, open, and vulnerable.

The world is my home. I play.

Inspired by Lyn Thrumans October Writing Challenge: Writing the Wisdom of the Soul. I am expanding, evolving, and playing.

Prompt for October 9: “There are always choices to be made,” whispers the angel so not to disturb the naked couple who appear to be frozen. “And if you make the right choices, it leads to healing and spiritual connection.”

“How do I know if I make the right choice?” you ask.

“Passion pushes you towards it and your heart beats in time with the choice.  You let your heart decide. Your soul speaks through your heart.”

Write about your passions.  In particular, write about the passions that push your heart in directions you’re not brave enough (yet) to explore.


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I shall shed
the labels that define me:

I shall slither out of the accolade-titles
that make me cringe:
   nice girl.
   hard worker.
   good mother.

I shall strip away the designations that were my armor
that made me proud:
   published author.
   homeschool teacher.

I shall obliterate 
the marks of my shame:
   business failure.

I will stand
Not caring who sees, 
     or who evokes their own version of me.
Not caring who hears
     or who translates me into the woman they prefer to hear.
Not caring who perceives me,
     and who sees herself.

I shall
   see My Self.
   hear My Self.
   acknowledge My Self.

I am revealed.
Nothing concealed.

I am.

That is enough.

Sun as Brain

A few weeks ago, my friend Charan Surdhar posted a link on Facebook to the Solar Revolution Book and Movie. The sun is a major theme in Coming Out of Hiding, so I immediately ordered the book.

The book arrived last week. I imagine the cover illustration is interesting to many people. To me . . . well, read the following, which I wrote in November 2012, seven months before I saw the book cover.

Brain-Sun 6-11-13

From afar, the Learning Center in the Sun glows golden. It resembles twisting coils, stacking and folding upon themselves like a big beautiful brain. The hum of its vibration penetrates each cell as one approaches. It smells of heat and manuscripts. It tastes of metal and meadows. It feels alive.

The Twilight Zone music has been cued, and I’m off to learn more about the story that is coming through me.

June 12, 2012 Edit: The sun synchronicities continue. This morning, I listened to a few minutes of an interview on Madness Radio with  Anusuya StarBear. She relayed an early-childhood experience of Being the Sun, and the title of Book 3 for the Weaving Gold Series emerged. It shall be Integration: Being the Sun. 

If you are interested in sun activity, check out my favorite i-Phone app: 3D Sun. Sponsored by NASA’s Heliophysics Division, the 3D Sun App displays animated extreme ultraviolet images of the sun in near-real time.

February 11, 2016 Edit: I was rereading this post and decided to share it on Twitter. The retweet at the top of my feed, was from @SecretSunBlog.

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