Weaving Gold

Mokosha, Anastasia Sophia, and Me, Natalia . . . while the books are written

How Now?

How can I be
Lost in a sea
   an ocean
   a multiverse
of obfuscation

Swimming in despondency
Flailing through atrocity
Sensing expansiveness
Failing to grasp the life-ring: clarity

How can I crawl
Survive vicious brawl
   viscous battle
   world war
of Dark versus Light

Lying low and hiding
Weeping, quivering, biding
Feeling terror
Too weak to reach helping hands that might not be there

How can I fly
Glide through the sky
   the cosmos
   the omniverse
of potentiality

Soar in delight
Enjoy day and night
Drenched in magnificence
Living free

for Kate and Carrie



Oh, Glorious Vibration!

Crystal chalice — struck!
Emanating Hope


“ChaliceV&H Vortex3&DblStar OverEarth”, c Chris Pringer, Aug’10 (click photo to be linked to photo source, chalicebridge.com)

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Rising. Falling.
Ebbing. Flowing.
Good enough
and perfection
and nothing.



One Moment in Time

“Ask, and it is given.”
“Your wish is my command.”
I never quite believed it,
yet it is true: I Am.

Knowing blooms within me.
Heart swells. Head explodes.
Shattered. Eyes wide open.
Flash of bliss bestowed.

for my beautiful, amazing friend
Kate Street
Shine on, sister!

IMG_4488 (1).jpg


Sun God

          beautiful, bright
               sunshiny day
          clashes with darkness
          invalidating, mocking
               bone-deep shivering
               quivering muscles, organs, cells
          intrudes through windows
          creeps inside
          infuses Light
               insisting, hope!
               commanding, change!
               embedding rainbow gold

Time to See

54210051 (1)If only I knew the secret,
If only it could be told,
I'd know when to rest, be dormant.
I'd know when to burst forth, be bold.

If only my insight were crystal,
I'd slice off distortion, see clearly the truth,
Remember how this game is played.

The rule books are mistranslated.
Pages are missing, words marred.
The time is returning, fog clearing,
Re-livening that which was charred.

When I recall my knowing,
See with eyes that are closed,
Rainbows shall sing, quarks will sparkle.
All secrets shall be exposed.

Stillness is Possible

c0c92aebbaf31181b608ee46b10be7fdPrompt 3: Channel your inner High Priestess and ask her to reveal your potential, the wisdom written on the scroll. Write her wisdom.

October 3, 2014: Symbols slide around the page. I roll down the bottom rod, scanning vanishing words. The images are baffling and before I discern meaning, the scroll bursts into flame. (But I see and hear something.)

October 22, 2015: Don’t look. Your eyes will deceive you. Even your inner vision will lead you astray, programmed as it has been with all you’ve seen, seen, seen through millennia of deceptions and distortions.

Listen, but not to the first words  you hear. Listen deeper. Feel the resonance, there for a second, then seemingly gone, but ringing true, radiating out.

Stillness is possible.


The flapping days are over.


Writing Prompt from Lyn Thurman. You can receive the full prompts from Writing the Wisdom of the Soul.

Images are from the Osho Zen Tarot, an amazing, consciousness-expanding deck.


Letting Humanness Be

On October, 1, 2014, a Fool stepped from the a cliff, and my journey through the tarot began. At embarkation, I though I was traveling a mere eighteen inches, from head to heart. I knew the distance was more daunting than it seemed, but still, it was a small adjustment, I convinced myself, from thinking to feeling; from analyzing to sensing; from rigidity to softness.

The guides I encountered, disappointed. The High Priestess handed me a scroll that was to reveal my the secret of my highest potential, but it burned in my hands before I could decipher its words. The Empress held up a mirror to show me that I’ve got this thing called life in hand, but I continue to feel inept. The Emperor reassured me, saying, “You are safe,” but left me the next day, just the same. The Hierophant demanded that I profess my secret knowledge, but I ended up announcing that I can teach others no thing.

In the second week of my journey, revelation! The cards revealed my passion for Adventure and exploring mysteries through writing, and they promised it would be easy. I crafted a contract between the Eternal part of me and the me that is typing. I secured ease, abundance, and flow in writing. I integrated, transformed, transmuted, and released, everything, over and over. I attempted to shake it all up, to create harmony, but I failed. I felt nothing. I did nothing. I waited.

I am waiting . . . some more . . . again. I am breaking the chains of society’s conditioning and opinions, and letting them rust and disintegrate. I am emerging from dark and formless roots, hoping that wings will unfurl and allow me to fly. I am discovering my own true nature and am determined to live in accordance with it.

I am waiting . . . some more . . . again. I am dreaming impossible, improbable dreams. And I am letting it be.

Inspired by Lyn Thruman‘s October Writing Challenge: Writing the Wisdom of the Soul. I am playing and believing, amidst continuing confusion.

Prompt for October 30: The World is the feeling of wholeness and happiness that comes when everything lines up perfectly, usually part through our own efforts and part as a gift from the Universe (for playing so nicely).

Write about the journey you’ve taken through the different tarot cards in this challenge. What did you discover about yourself? What days/cards were the easiest and what were the hardest?



My journey began inside, when I moved from head to heart. Day by day, I moved outward, recognizing my passion and celebrating my wild wide. I leaped off the cliff.

My fall is safe, a drifting and gliding rather than a plummeting. I know that life isn’t as serious as I make it out to be. I trust that my journey will be smooth, my tasks easy, and my adventures joyful. Still, I am happy to take a moment for quiet and solitude.

I enter the sanctuary. Gold walls wrap me in ancient wisdom. The smell of incense transports me deeper into myself. Soft music lulls my chattering brain toward stillness.

Wrapping myself in a blanket, I prop my head on a cushion and drape a scented pillow over my eyes.


When we find no support among others for our deeply felt truths, we can either feel isolated and bitter, or celebrate the fact that our vision is strong enough even to survive the powerful human need for the approval of family, friends or colleagues. 

I celebrate my journey, decisions, and experiences. I worship my anxiety and excitement, uncertainty and knowing, panic and confidence. My passion is supported by solid gold. In the silence and aloneness, I know.

Inspired by Lyn Thruman‘s October Writing Challenge: Writing the Wisdom of the Soul. I am expanding, evolving, shaking in my shoes, and preparing to write for pleasure.

Prompt for October 14: Retreating from the world is a necessary part of growth, especially spiritual growth, as we can’t see our soul-light if it’s being doused by distractions.

Write about a place (real or imaginary) where you can retreat from the crazy-busy world into quietness and solitude. This is the place where your soul-light shines the brightest.


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The Number 44

Acknowledging the 44 in my life.

The Reality of One

44 – The Master Number of Universal Consciousness

After seeing the number 44 multiple times a day for some months now, I decided to interpret the meaning myself through observation and exploration. So, this is my take on the  meaning of the number 44.

First, lets look at the number 44 with a mathematical approach.

– 44 is a positive number that when added, subtracted, or multiplied, it creates another positive number. Therefore, the number 44 must resonate with a vibration of everything that makes up the positive energy of the universe.

When we add 4+4 we get the number 8.

– The number 8 is made up of an everlasting line that intersects in the middle. The center of an 8 is the connection of two worlds, as I see it. A possible bridge that connects the physical and the spiritual. Or, it can mean a connection of…

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