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Passion for Adventure

I am worthy of…


…enjoying all of my signs of prosperity.

…enlightenment. Yes, the whole, big thing.

…experiencing love, joy, and excitement.


I wrote the above in response to a self-love exercise at Magic and Wisdom. Then, I proceeded to Writing the Wisdom of the Soul by drawing cards in a diamond spread, using the OSHO Zen Tarot. My intention: Help me understand and live my passions.

I know some of my passions:

  • an amazing life partner
  • children who delight me
  • writing
  • homeopathy
  • being kind
  • evolution
  • sovereignty
  • travel
  • joyful living

I wanted the cards to reveal My Passion. And so they did.

Elucidation! My Passion is Adventure.

  • If there is a food I’ve never seen on the menu or on the farmer’s stand, I taste it.
  • I travel and explore — everywhere!
  • I read amazing, mind-expnading books.
  • I engage in inspiring and exciting exchanges of ideas.
  • I hike great, remote trails.
  • I live with the Hutsuls for months.
  • I enter my family crypt in Lviv.
  • I tremble with joy and passion.
  • I feel freedom and joy in movement.
  • I float in bliss.
  • I connect with and understand the wisdom of the World.

I embrace Infinite Possibiliteis with the trusting spirit of a child: innocent, open, and vulnerable.

The world is my home. I play.

Inspired by Lyn Thrumans October Writing Challenge: Writing the Wisdom of the Soul. I am expanding, evolving, and playing.

Prompt for October 9: “There are always choices to be made,” whispers the angel so not to disturb the naked couple who appear to be frozen. “And if you make the right choices, it leads to healing and spiritual connection.”

“How do I know if I make the right choice?” you ask.

“Passion pushes you towards it and your heart beats in time with the choice.  You let your heart decide. Your soul speaks through your heart.”

Write about your passions.  In particular, write about the passions that push your heart in directions you’re not brave enough (yet) to explore.


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I could tell you things. I’ve always been a reader. I love learning, researching, and exploring rabbit holes. I’ve written a book that weaves tales of lessons learned.

In my 45 years on the planet, I’ve studied and experimented. I know more than I once did. I gladly expose knowledge which has been hidden or obscured. The most useful things I know and write about:

Homeopathy – an astoundingly powerful technology for healing

Matrix Reimprinting – a practically magical way to transmute past experiences into gold

Creation – secrets revealed as fiction

But, I can teach you no-thing. I stand and shine. I reveal who I am. Learning is your choice, and mine.

Caer Ibormeith The Swan Maiden by Quicksilverfury Digital Art / Mixed Media / Fantasy©2008-2014 Quicksilverfury

Older posts about revealing myself:

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Inspired by Lyn Thurman‘s October Writing Challenge: Writing the Wisdom of the Soul. I am expanding, evolving, shining, and sailing away.

Prompt for October 8: The Hierophant can be the groups, organizations, religion, and culture that provide structure and mold belief systems.  However, he’s also harbours secret knowledge and the mysteries of the Universe.

Step into the role of a hierophant.  What secret knowledge and mysteries of the Universe can you share?  What can you teach?


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Sailing Away

Chaos is reigning in my beautiful, orderly life. It is rampaging through every cell in my body. It is wreaking havoc, destroying every idea and ideal that I’ve held.

Chaos has been demanding and brash. The Fool led me to the edge of a cliff, enticing me to step boldly (or timorously) into plummet into an unfamiliar gorge. And I stepped.

Chaos has been generous and supportive. The Magician bestowed gifts and tools, providing means for me to help myself. And I accepted.

Chaos has been mysterious and harsh. The High Priestess challenged me to trust my own knowing, to commandeer my own journey. And I took the helm.

Chaos has been soothing and reassuring. The Empress held up a mirror and let me see: I’ve got this.

I am roiling in particles of wisdom and packets of energy, but I haven’t assembled the pieces into a coherent whole. Motion sickness alternates with intense fatigue. It is difficult to keep my head above water.

I am relieved to see a sturdy boat and a virile man. I’d like to say that I don’t need to be rescued, but recognizing my strength does not mean I have to walk (or swim) alone. Also, I feel weak. When he reaches out a muscular arm, I gladly take his hand.

“People are afraid, very much afraid of those who know themselves,” he says. “Your enlightenment upsets the world order and tosses you into turbulent seas. You must be courageous to follow your heart and create a life.”

He pushes me, rather unglamorously shoving my bottom over the edge, into the boat, then swings himself gracefully over the bow.

“Now you are safe. Harness your energy. Set your course. And sail away.”

Inspired by Lyn Thruman‘s October Writing Challenge: Writing the Wisdom of the Soul. I am expanding, evolving, shining, and taking the reins in my journey.

Prompt for October 7: The Emperor is a director and overseer, bringing order where chaos can reign supreme.  He’s logic, reason, experience, and boundary protection.

Write about where you could use the energy of The Emperor to protect your boundaries.  Where are you allowing energy or time leaks to occur?


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Commandeering Myself

Yesterday, I wielded the Magician’s tools and arrived at Destination Heart. I drank the nectar of knowing and accepted the call to follow the urgings of my heart.

Today, my respite is interrupted by the appearance of a Priestess and the ever-increasing rate of whirling energies on the planet.

“I have the greatest secrets of all to share,” she whispers. “I am the Guardian of Mysteries and the guide to your path.” She hands me a scroll. “It reveals the secret of your highest potential,” she says before disappearing.

I delight at the easiness of today’s task. I am not being asked to step off a cliff or to travel a treacherous path. I am required, simply, to engage in beloved activities: reading and learning about myself.

I unfurl the scroll, revealing the uppermost portion. The parchment is the color of burnished gold and smells of burning leaves — because it is smoldering at the edges. Heat singes my forearms. Smoke stings my nose. Symbols slide around the page. I roll down the bottom rod, scanning vanishing words. The images are baffling and before I discern meaning, the scroll bursts into flame.

Devastated, I crumple to my knees and close my eyes. The secret to my highest potential is ashes.

Let the scrolls burn. Transmute old directives and prescriptions. Break free from the shackles and chains.

I hear.

A grandmother fusses over my dress. A grandfather admonishes me to hurry. A murder of imperious women crowds on my shoulders and pecks at my head.

I see them, and understand the tyranny of their presence.

Buzzing. Trembling. Shaking.

I feel expansion in every cell, a swelling to bursting. I let it go, and my tormentors, the fabricators of my beliefs and being, are propelled away from me on torrents of air. I stand alone.

I am complete. I am whole. The Priestess in coextensive with me.

I do not remain here, in my heart. I step fully into my body. I commandeer My Journey.

I joined Lyn Thruman‘s October Writing Challenge: Writing the Wisdom of the Soul. I am expanding, evolving, and shining.

Prompt for October 3: Channel your inner High Priestess and ask her to reveal your potential, the wisdom written on the scroll. Write her wisdom.


The Longest Journey



Card from OSHO Zen Tarot

Love is an enigma for me: a word bandied about in writing about partners and children, a feeling that should dwell in my heart, a mystery that is the key to enlightenment. The thought of love causes my pulse to race, my body to quiver, and terror to swish through my belly.

I discern no cause for my trepidation. I had a happy childhood. I was, by every definition, loved. I was valued, honored, and supported. I am in a beautiful marriage. I am, by every definition, loved. I am appreciated, encouraged, and celebrated. I have three amazing children who shower me with hugs, kisses, and conversation. I have friends and community. I have everything I need, except the understanding, experiencing, and embracing of the greatest love of all.

The journey I want to take has been called “the longest journey you will make in your life.”  The path I wish to travel is from my head to my heart.

by Mira Reisberg

At this point in my writing, I was interrupted. Jonathon, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, came for a good morning cuddle. I realized: I do know love.

  • I know love as the tenderness I feel for my family members’ successes, failures, struggles, and joys.
  • I know love as a willingness to provide a lap for snuggling, to interrupt my own activities to deliver forgotten school books, or to listen to what they want to say.
  • I know love as pleasure in resting my cheek on a child’s head, in touch, in sharing meals or a glass of wine.

I do know love. I feel love. I experience love daily, hourly, in every moment.


Do I feel tenderness for me?

What am I willing to give to me?

How do I find pleasure in me?

I could write, for, to, and in MYSELF. Myself sounds BIG and IMPORTANT, compared to little ol’ me. But I am not little. I am old in the most glorious and ancient of ways. I am ready for The Journey, from Head to Heart. I am ready to dwell on the path of Self-Love. I am ready to trust.

“…Trust, is the greatest quantum leap. To come from the head to the heart is the longest journey. Man can reach the moon — that is easier — and soon man will reach to the stars; that too is not very difficult. The only problem and the most difficult journey is: to move from the head to the heart, because they don’t exist in the same dimension — their ways of existing are so different. (Osho, Darshan Diaries, The 99 Names of Nothingness, Ch.20)

I have come to the end of my writing exercise. My journey is begun, as every journey is, with a single step. I know, something new: To be tender with myself, I must be willing to look at and see myself. Then, I can take pleasure in ME.

Written for Lyn Thruman‘s October Writing Challenge: Writing the Wisdom of the Soul

Prompt for October 1: Write about a journey you want to take in life…


Deviating from Script

Stage . by SeaFairy Photography / Darkroom©2007-2014 SeaFairy (via DeviantArt)

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts…

~ William Shakespeare, As You Like It

Plays to celebrate Christmas, Easter, spring, and the end of the school year. Poems to commemorate great Ukrainian poets (Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko, Lesia Ukrainka, Vasyl Symonenko, Lina Kosetenko). Greeting dignitaries. Bandura concerts. Piano recitals.

In my growing-up years, I found many occasions to step up onto a stage and perform. That I did not enjoy performing, was not relevant. My cooperation was expected. I was responsible (I would certainly know my lines) and presentable (I spoke Ukrainian well and my mother would assure that I appeared in the correct outfit). That was enough.

Learning the poems and lines was easy for me. But when it came time to step onto the stage, or to face the visiting dignitary, my stomach would roil and my heart would race. I felt ill, even though I knew my part and had practiced it repeatedly.

I finally realized (yesterday), that I do not wish to play a role prescribed by another. I do not wish to recite words someone More Important Than I wrote or that someone in a position of authority directed me to say. I am ready to choose my own role and speak my own words.

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I shall shed
the labels that define me:

I shall slither out of the accolade-titles
that make me cringe:
   nice girl.
   hard worker.
   good mother.

I shall strip away the designations that were my armor
that made me proud:
   published author.
   homeschool teacher.

I shall obliterate 
the marks of my shame:
   business failure.

I will stand
Not caring who sees, 
     or who evokes their own version of me.
Not caring who hears
     or who translates me into the woman they prefer to hear.
Not caring who perceives me,
     and who sees herself.

I shall
   see My Self.
   hear My Self.
   acknowledge My Self.

I am revealed.
Nothing concealed.

I am.

That is enough.