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Talitha Emerging

on January 8, 2016

Center-of-the-Earth-1000.jpegThe time to resurface announced itself when a draft pulled the smell of loam into the cavern. A tendril snagged my hair and a low whooshing roused my heart. Elation and trepidation reverberated through my being.

Darkness, silence, and solitude had saved me. The prospect of returning sunshine, noise, and people exhorted me to run, but a root slid under my feet, elevating me enough that I paused, and inhaled. The aroma of leaves and needles and life wafted through my nostrils, filled my lungs, stirred memories. I looked up, covered my eyes against a sliver-shimmer of light, reached for a sturdy root, and stepped up.

Moving slowly, I hugged great roots. I rested my cheek against them, thanked them with tears, licked them in awe. Brightness gently intensified. Sounds amplified: insects chewing wood, chipmunks scampering, birds tweeting.

I climbed faster, hoping to hear the cry of an eagle. I did not know if Garett lived, but I dared to hope. I did not need him to save me again, but I longed for the comfort of companionship.

I reached the surface inside a stately, safe hollow of a massive tree. Eighty days had passed since Iljan’s death, forty since I entered the cave. The sun was graciously, mercifully setting, muting its brightness, infusing my sanctuary with diffuse, pink light. I inhaled the beauty, then stepped back into the world.


photo prompt: boab tree


I used Ronovan’s prompt to write a passage for my WIP, Spinning Stardust.


8 responses to “Talitha Emerging

  1. Ritu says:

    A fantastic piece of writing, incorporating the prompt!


  2. afairymind says:

    A beautiful piece of writing. 🙂


  3. Ronovan says:

    I like it. You did some of what I was hoping people would do with it. 🙂 That image inspires so many possibilities.


    • Thank you! Old giants are mysterious and seem wise. It was a great prompt.


      • Ronovan says:

        There are some trees that I call Gonzo Trees. These are trees that have usually been hit by lightning or something like that and begone to die. At some point they look like the character from the Muppets with his peak of a nose in the air. I’ve seen about 2-3 ever, but it’s always a cool thing to see.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. […] Talitha Emerging Natalia Erehnah (Weaving Gold) Natalia used the prompt to write a passage for her work in progress, Spinning Stardust. I’d say it worked out quiet well. 230 words and GL of 6.3. @weavinggold […]

    Liked by 1 person

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