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7 — Letting Go of the Reins when Writing

on November 7, 2015

Last autumn, I participated in Lyn Thruman’s October Writing Challenge: Writing the Wisdom of the Soul, a writing journey through the major arcana of the Tarot. On October 20 of this year, sitting in silence, I pulled the Fool Card from my OSHO Zen Tarot deck and was drawn to the begin a new loop of the journey. Here I go again.

76a1016017a5975658f1d603dcd8f6efPrompt 8: “Sometimes, lady, you have to just take the reins and be the one in control.” Write about a time when you set your sights on something and you took control/action to make sure you came out victorious. 

October 10, 2014: Answering the Call to Adventure with Yes! is exhilarating and freeing. It is also scary. I remind myself: I’ve done this before. I experienced an A-ha! moment (I should write a book). I followed a trail of synchronicities and joined a writers’ circle. I wrote, hundreds of words per day, for nine months. I submitted query letters. I received rejections. I self-published. I became, I am, a published author.

November 7, 2015: I read the prompt for today, and added, “and sometimes, you have to let go.” At the moment, this is poignantly true for me with respect to my writing.

I started NaNoWriMo with a bang. The words were flowing and I was writing more per day than ever before. Yesterday, inspiration came to a screeching, whip-lash-inducing halt. I was devastated. I made myself do sprints with @NaNoWordSprints, which had been an amazing tool in previous days. I wrote, producing utterly uninspired (and uninspiring) sentences. I quit. For me, there is no point in writing unusable paragraphs.

Dreaming with Horse Spirit

Dreaming with Horse Spirit

My Word Count horse did not respond to my lead, no matter how I spurred it. Worse, I was so entrenched in controlling productivity, that I had choked my Creativity streak.

I am dropping the reins. I am releasing the perverse need to meet my self-imposed daily word count goals. I am setting my creative spirit free. (Do with me what you will, !!! — I just realized that she has a name. Off to listen. Off to learn it. Off to merge with her in friendly partnership.)

Writing Prompt from Lyn Thurman. You can receive the full prompts from Writing the Wisdom of the Soul.

Images are from the Osho Zen Tarot, an amazing, consciousness-expanding deck.

2 responses to “7 — Letting Go of the Reins when Writing

  1. Kate Street says:

    Love this. All of it. The words, the wisdom, the horse spirit. LOVE that your creative spirit has a name! Love YOU most of all!


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