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Always Searching for Something

on October 28, 2015

8b626ae2605f2feb011dd6997b7d72d4Prompt 6: Step into the role of a hierophant.  What secret knowledge and mysteries of the Universe can you share? What can you teach?

October 8, 2014: I could tell you things. I’ve always been a reader. I love learning, researching, and exploring rabbit holes. I’ve written a book that weaves tales of lessons learned. But, I can teach you no-thing. I stand and shine. I reveal who I am. Learning, is your choice, and mine.

October 28, 2015: What I think I know (perpetually subject to modification, refinement, and total upheaval): we are all searching for truth and validation. Some search through science, research, and analysis. Some explore by painting, writing, dancing, singing, or otherwise creating. Some search with their bodies, pushing them to/beyond limits, or abusing them, or forcing change. Seeking seems universal, while finding is universally elusive.

P1010704My living
     is a Great Seeking

  Small queries
  Eternal mysteries
  Mundane questions

I desire
     answers to/for all

Whisper in my eyes, ears, dreams (please)
Project pictures into my heart, mind, soul (I beg you)
Make me -- if only for a moment -- whole

In the beginning is nature, in the end is nature, so why in the middle do you make so much fuss? Nothingness to nothingness is the whole journey.
~ Osho

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the glory of kings is to search out a matter.
~ Proverbs 25:2

4 responses to “Always Searching for Something

  1. Eric Owens says:

    Ok looks like it works now. Again Natalia thanks for the reply but who? is saying they like my blog other than you? The emails I get from WordPress don’t mention who or how to find them online.


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