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I Experience Miracles

on October 28, 2014

“Show me a miracle,” I demanded, mid-stride on a nature trail in the park.

I believe highly improbable constructs and concepts and I am a perpetual skeptic. Even when I know things to be true, I want evidence. Somewhere within me lives a Magical Child tainted with hardened cynicism.

Instantaneously, I noticed the bright yellow leaves of hundreds of trees shining in the soft light of the rising sun. How’s that? A quiet voice in my head teased.

“No, no! That’ s not what I meant. Those are just leaves in autumn.”

You’re not impressed with trees, growing from the earth? You’re not dazzled, even a little bit, by their changing colors, by the quantity of leaves, that these trees have overtaken land that was occupied by a sanatorium a few years ago?

I had to admit, those golden-leaved trees were quite beautiful.

And the peaceful blue of the sky, accented with white clouds? 

A hawk cried. A smaller bird called. A squirrel scampered up the white oak. The scene really was quite impressive.

All around me, every second of every day, miracles unfold, blossom, and whither. I dismiss this magic precisely because it is so constant that it has become ordinary.

IMG_6952There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
~ Albert Einstein

With my demands for proof, I have cast off the gifts of Innocence. No more! Henceforth, I shall notice and appreciate the miracles that abound and employ my magic to create miracles.

In the movie, The Last Samurai, Katsumoto says: “The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life.” Later, when he is dying, he notices pink blossoms falling like rain, and whispers, “Perfect. . . they are all . . . perfect.”

And so it is. I intend to remember, to notice, to see.

Inspired by Lyn Thruman‘s October Writing Challenge: Writing the Wisdom of the Soul. I am playing and believing, amidst continuing confusion.

Prompt for October 28: In The Sun child’s world, there’s a perpetual supply of energy, confidence, enthusiasm, and fun.

Write about how your world would look if you let The Sun child be in control for a day.


5 responses to “I Experience Miracles

  1. Kate Street says:

    God, this is beautiful. You speak to me soul, Sister. I AM these lines: “I believe highly improbable constructs and concepts and I am a perpetual skeptic. Even when I know things to be true, I want evidence. Somewhere within me lives a Magical Child tainted with hardened cynicism.”

    The things I used to believe are now buried under layers and layers of disappointment.

    I also had similar thoughts on beauty, nature and flowers just a few minutes ago. As you know I have a summer ritual of going out every morning and counting the morning glories ~ the more there were, the bigger sign I thought it was that things were going to be okay. When I finally get to 100 blooms I am the most appreciative and hopeful. Late August had one very cold night that killed off my most prolific of vines. That subtracted about 30-40 blooms in one fell swoop. I stopped going out there to count and totally discontinued my most cherished morning ritual that day.

    Every now and then, some morning glory blooms will catch my eye as I look out my kitchen window and I’m really realizing how much I have MISSED these last two months simply because I knew I wouldn’t be able to count more than 40-50 blooms. I’ve missed many GREAT BIG BLUE morning glories that we so slow to bloom but now seem to be producing 2-3 HUGE blossoms a day. I’ve missed the wild ones growing down the hill. I’ve missed the fact that now that it’s cooler many of them stay blooming ALL DAY LONG as opposed to just blooming for a few short hours in the hot summer sun. I’ve missed so many shade of pink and purple magic, simply because the QUANTITY had dwindled. I was looking for one kind of miracle and so missed so many others.

    It’s amazing to realize. I love you, Sister. Love this post. Love that we are on the same wave.


    • Kate Street says:

      Dear Sister, Thanks to this post that came perfectly timed with my own insights, I took a little walk in my yard just now, in the dark, to see if those BIG HUGE blue morning glories were still blooming after the sun went down. Not only did I see a bunny in my garden and the GORGEOUS crescent moon (my fav kind), I saw that the blue morning glories ARE still blooming after dark. That is a miracle to me and made me realize even more that miracles ARE happening all around us, I’ve just been looking in the wrong places. ♥


      • I walked my company out and also saw the beautiful crescent moon. I ❤ the crescent. And I rarely go out to look at the moon.

        Thanks for your morning glory stories. Affirms what I realized: there is magic all around me. I can almost hear it whispering: How about this? ❤


  2. Oceanbreeze says:

    Insightful writing. This is me too “I believe highly improbable constructs and concepts and I am a perpetual skeptic. Even when I know things to be true, I want evidence. Somewhere within me lives a Magical Child tainted with hardened cynicism.” Thank you for the reminder to view all life as the miracle it is. I am remembering to see and to listen, so simple yet so profoundly amazing.


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