Weaving Gold

Mokosha, Anastasia Sophia, and Me, Natalia . . . while the books are written

Shining Stillness

on October 25, 2014

I am
in moment of coming full circle
in a lifeline of spiral oops
a life, in which, each end, is a beginning

I am
doing my best to do nothing
doing nothing while doing it all
be-ing, breathe-ing, shine-ing



Inspired by Lyn Thruman‘s October Writing Challenge: Writing the Wisdom of the Soul. I am coming back to life, dropping *everything,* and emerging raw, soft, slimy, and as confounded as ever.

Prompt for October 24: Take a walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame and find your own star. It’s not for being in entertainment, but for being an awesome human being. Write about why you deserve the star, and take the opportunity to remind yourself how amazing you are and all of your achievements.

2 responses to “Shining Stillness

  1. Kate Street says:

    Oh GAWD! I love this!!!!!!!!!


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