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The Eagle and the Elf

on October 21, 2014

Harmoniously Balanced Cocktail of Life

1 part essence of Eagle, for power and aloneness
1 part essence of Swan, for grace and friendship
1 part writers
1 part readers
1 part Fire
1 part Water
1 part Darkness
1 part Light
1 part Yin
1 part Yang
1 part Moon
1 part Sun

Blend gently so that parts retain unique flavors. Sip on a quiet beach at sunset.


How lovely it would be if that were the drink of life?

Instead, I am struggling to see the alchemical potential of Eagle and elf. (ELF is an acronym for Evil Little F**k that I learned from Dain Heer. The article that explains the concept of rattlesnakes and elfs is worth reading.)

Intellectually, I understand that we all made of stardust, that we all come from the same source. Philosophically, I appreciate the common themes of hopes and fears all people share, and am able to see that we are all joined in this game of earthly existence. But, a pesky part of me cannot accept that the elfs of the world and I are engaged in the same dance. I cannot comprehend one human being inflicting pain, injury, and injustice on another.

Or maybe I lie, to myself more than to you. Maybe I have been, or am, the despicable elf to someone. Maybe there is a splash, or more, of elfness in the cocktail of me.

Then again, perhaps I can let the elfs be elfy, while I spread my eagle-wings and fly away.

And, Option 3: I can absorb both eagle and elf essence into a great ball of light,  toss it playfully from hand to hand, and see the light scatter in a rainbow around me. I can start anew upon a fresh, blank page. I can look at the world with innocent, untainted eyes.

Option 3 sounds so…enlightened, so…fancy. A beautiful end to this little blog. If only I could feel it. Instead, my cocktail is a slurry of mud and confusion. I know what I want to concoct, but some ingredients seem contaminated. I wonder: How does it get better than this?

Inspired by Lyn Thruman‘s October Writing Challenge: Writing the Wisdom of the Soul. I am exhausted and frustrated. May contemplating balance and integration bring relief.

Prompt for October 21: Harmony is possible, but we have to seek it. We have to blend, mix, do a little magic.

Imagine life as making a big cocktail and you’re the bartender. What ingredients do you add to the empty cocktail glass to achieve a perfect balance? And where would you like to be lounging back to sip this delicious mix?

2 responses to “The Eagle and the Elf

  1. Kate Street says:

    I hear you, loud and clear. Beautiful writing, Dear Sister.


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