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The Number 44

on October 5, 2014

Acknowledging the 44 in my life.

The Reality of One

44 – The Master Number of Universal Consciousness

After seeing the number 44 multiple times a day for some months now, I decided to interpret the meaning myself through observation and exploration. So, this is my take on the  meaning of the number 44.

First, lets look at the number 44 with a mathematical approach.

– 44 is a positive number that when added, subtracted, or multiplied, it creates another positive number. Therefore, the number 44 must resonate with a vibration of everything that makes up the positive energy of the universe.

When we add 4+4 we get the number 8.

– The number 8 is made up of an everlasting line that intersects in the middle. The center of an 8 is the connection of two worlds, as I see it. A possible bridge that connects the physical and the spiritual. Or, it can mean a connection of…

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