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I Am That I Am (Talitha)

on March 12, 2014

I am Talitha, of starry byways and golden rays. I lived on your planet, which became mine, for tens of thousands of years. This is the story of the girl part of me once was, the woman I became, and the golden web I wove into and through the Earth. It begins in a time and place so ancient that scientists will never find evidence of its existence, though I plucked it from the dusty soil myself after manifold millennia. Of course, absence of remains does not preclude actuality. Echoes of our coming abide in stories of people surfing the Milky Way in great canoes, of goddesses cloaked in stars, of gods as planets and planets as gods. Pick up sacred texts, ponder the carved stones of old temples, contemplate legends. You shall find evidence aplenty of truths you harbor deep within your memories. The Illiad was thought to be fairy tale until Heinrich Schlienmann considered the text as a literal map and excavated nine layers of earth to unearth the city of Troy, called ancient, though young, so young, in the history of Earth. What else will be found when you remember, when you acknowedge what you know? What will be known when existing authorities have been reconsidered and the debris of obfuscation swept out of the way?

Florida Winter 2009-2010 168.jpgI urge you to take care, for in denying our origins lies the source of disempowerment of humanity. The evolution of human consciousness stretches back long before my time. My story tells of one ray emerging from the subtle, hidden, and unseen into the material, visible, and physical. Mine, is one of many emanations, many threads, many stories. My genes intertwine with those of homo sapiens. That was, after all, our reason for coming.


2 responses to “I Am That I Am (Talitha)

  1. I love your writing. I am fascinated by this topic and have read many books about, beginning with the story of Bridy Murphy. I would like to learn how to reunite with my past.lives. ~ Dennis


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